Our whitewater equipment brands

Pilou saut rafting durance embrun

You will find below the suppliers of Whitewater & Rafting material and equipment with whom we are pleased to work to guarantee you quality services:

Boat / Craft

  • NRS the supplier of our main boats (Raft, AirYak, Canoe Baroud, etc.)
    • ION : Neopren Suit
    • FANATIC : River Stand Up Paddle
    • DUOTONE : Wings Kite

Equipment / Accessories

  • EGALIS Tahe Outdoors : whitewater life jacket and helmets
  • NRS Paddles, and other accessories

Vehicle / Transport

  • Transport Imbert & Julien
  • Transport Petit Mathieu
  • Mercedes Gap
  • Groupe Jean Lain VAG

Photography / Shooting

  • Diams05 Embrun